2012 World’s Rough Diamonds Production Nearly 128 Million cts

Diamonds-Goldheart-2Russia still topping the list as #1 Rough Diamonds producer for 2012 in volume, With nearly 35 Million CTS produced, as their diamonds are of lesser value than Botswana Diamonds for example.

DRC was second producer with nearly 22.5 Million CTS, followed closely by Botswana with 20.5 Million CTS. We can expect Botswana to pull ahead of the DRC as the number two producer of Rough Stones in the next few years following their anticipated increased production.

Zimbabwe came up fourth with 12 Million CTS and Canada fifth with 10.5 million CTS produced during 2012. These diamond counts reflect all legal stones for which KPC’s were issued during that calendar year.

MADNOX, the world’s top diamond trade desk for rough diamond buyers and rough diamond sellers also reports similar trends in the global industry.