About Us

The Diamond Alliance’s purpose and mission, is to create and maintain an organization of Diamonds Sellers and Miners around the Globe. Together, all Diamond Alliance Members can reach out further, for the benefit of the whole Diamond Industry and Local Economies. While promoting the highest standards to protect and preserve our local environments, and embracing respect for human rights.
This is a place for Producers and Sellers around the globe to connect, network, share information, ideas, techniques and technology, to help each other succeed further, as one, being a Member of the Alliance. Together, we can help improve our industry, our workers conditions, our ethics, without sacrificing profitability.
The Diamond Alliance is the first step to taking your Diamond Business or Operation to the next level, socialize with mind liked people who share the same passion and drive, creating Joint Ventures for Projects Developments, and selling your production or supplies, all within the privacy and convenience of your membership, without broker interferences.
Becoming a Diamond Alliance Member, is a Privilege and an Honor only reserved to Genuine Sellers, Mining Companies and Producers of Rough Diamonds around the World, whether you are a Small Producer or a Major Player in the Industry.