BEWARE Of Pacific Freight Company Limited SL. SCAMS!

In todays world, freight scams are all over the internet. One of our Members just experienced
such a scam with one company; Pacific Freight Company Limited SL.and
There website is which company defrauded our Member on a parcel delivery after they paid over $8,300 in freight, and never received the parcel nor the full refund.

It is sad to see that such Companies as and Pacific Freight Company Limited SL and Mr Haruna Malik,
its Director of Operations, prefer to scam their clients out of $8,300, rather than grow and cement
their position on the International stage. These behaviors reflect the narrow vision such companies
may chose at the local level, giving all the honest companies in sierra Leone a bad reputation.

This scam alert is intended to protect other International Companies to stay away from this
company Pacific Freight Company Limited SL and do business with companies who will either
deliver on their contractual obligations, or issue a full refund if they don’t.