Pacific Freight Company Limited SL. Scam Warning!

Few diamond shipping companies can be trusted today, unless you use one of the big 4, which are reliable for the most part. In today’s world, fly by shipping companies are popping up all over the globe. Unfortunately, these scam artist such as Pacific Freight Company Limited SL in Freetown Sierra Leone, prefer to defraud their customers rather than building a solid reputation as a reputable player in the industry.

Such companies and their principals will offer their shipping services and take your money, than fail to deliver your diamond parcels and hit the ground running towards hibernation. Than, they will make up one story after another, promising to make things right and reimburse your funds “and make it right”, and sing one song after another.

These low intellect petty crook criminals run fly by shipping companies to defraud people in order to get ahead, we highly advise anyone intending to do business with these bandits to contact the Alliance first at, to get acquainted with Pacific Freight Company Limited SL’s criminal activities in order not to fall victim to their shipping scams (Pacific Freight Company Limited SL’s web site is